Together in corruption and together in ideology

Ruben Cortes.

Pure logic: Mexico, its ideological allies and voting colleagues in international forums, occupy the first places in the Corruption Perception Index of the Transparency International program.

In the list of the 10 most corrupt governments on the planet, only Bolsonaro’s Brazil is not an ally of the 4T, although they share the idea that COVID is just the flu and can be stopped with bibles.

The top ten is this.

1.- Russia

2.- Iran

3.- Colombia

4.- Mexico

5.- Myanmar

6.- Brazil

7.- Saudi Arabia

8.- Zambia

9.- Bangladeshi

10.- Belarus

The relationship with Russia? Ukraine has just criticized the Mexican proposal to stop the war, because it seeks to give the Russian forces time to reorganize:

“Is your plan to keep millions under occupation, increase the number of mass burials, and give Russia time to renew reserves before the next offensive? Their plan it is a Russian plan.”

In March, Morena brought the Russian ambassador to the Senate to support the invasion of Ukraine. Immediately, the United States assured that Russia has more spies in Mexico than in any other country.

The relationship with Iran? In June, a plane from Russia and piloted by an Iranian terrorist wanted by the FBI, and located as a high command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, made a stopover here.

The plane belongs to Nicolás Maduro and transports Iranians and Venezuelans. He flew through Iran, Venezuela, Russia and Mexico. He landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he remains in detention.

The relationship with Belarus? Mexico and that country were the only ones in the pantomime of the inauguration of the satrap Ortega, with Cuba, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia and Syria.

The relationship with Colombia? The current Colombian president imitates the failed Mexican strategy against organized crime Hugs and not bullets for a “peaceful dismantling of drug trafficking”.

The relationship with Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and Bangladesh? Mexico votes with them against Israel, even though it is our main partner in the Middle East: 45.2 percent of trade with the region.

But in addition to Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and Bangladesh, the other allies of Mexico in those votes are equally totalitarian regimes, such as, among many others:

China, Cuba, Venezuela, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Gabon, Indonesia, Libya, Mauritania, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Armenia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, and Sudan.

But it is natural that Mexico has decided to be in that group of countries, if it canceled its largest infrastructure project at the beginning of this century…

And he did it with a popular consultation in which only 0.1 percent of his electorate participated, and using gentian violets to mark the thumbs of the voters.

Country village.

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