Together for Change was faced with a virtual breakup due to the runoff, with Macri and Morales facing each other

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Patricia Bullrich and Luis Petri arrive at the JxC bunker stage for the final speech, followed by Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (Reuters Photo)

“Together for Change is broken”, admitted to Infobae a reference for the opposition coalition a few hours after the harsh defeat of Patricia Bullrich in view of Sergio Massa and Javier Milei. The leaders of that space woke up with a sour emotional hangover due to the certainty that It will be very difficult to reverse the inexorable feeling of fracture from the dissimilar positions that are suggested for the runoff.

The tensions They set up shop on Sunday night in the JxC bunker in Parque Norte: one of their most dramatic demonstrations was when Gerardo Morales, the head of the UCR, warned Bullrich that I did not want to share any meeting with Mauricio Macri, in the crosshairs of the coalition's dialogue wing for its flirting with the libertarian candidate. When a summit meeting of 10 leaders was held in the VIP room to define the profile of the speech that Bullrich would give, Morales only joined when Macri left the meeting to greet some relatives and members of the PRO.

Morales himself stayed carefully far of the first line of Together for Change leaders who surrounded Bullrich on stage and did not even wait for the speech to finish before leaving and avoiding crossing paths with Macri. How can we imagine a harmonious and consensual functioning of JxC if the head of radicalism and the founder of the PRO ended up like this? the worst night of the opposing force?

Mauricio Macri was the first to hug Patricia Bullrich after the JxC candidate's final speech (Reuters Photo)
Mauricio Macri was the first to hug Patricia Bullrich after the JxC candidate's final speech (Reuters Photo)

In the next few hours there will be separate meetings of each party that makes up Together for Change and some They promote a meeting of the National Table of the coalition, although it seems very difficult for everyone to see each other's faces to the extent that in the coming days definitions of the PRO, the UCR, the Civic Coalition and the Federal Republican Meeting will be produced in favor of Massa or Milei for the second round . Today is impossible to reach an agreement: the wounds left by the defeat make it difficult to even imagine a meeting aimed at debating a position in common.

“With Lilita Carrió we welcome an urgent meeting of Together for Change,” said Maximiliano Ferraro, head of the Civic Coalition, Infobae. The national deputy of CC did not want to make any further statements on the subject and referred to the message he published this morning on social networks: “When things do not change is when we should be more together to try to change them. When history repeats itself is when we have to keep trying to write other stories with new endings. There are many Argentines who believe that another Argentina is possible and that feeling should not be extinguished with the result of an election, on the contrary, it forces us to redouble our efforts to make it grow and win future ones. Thanks to every Argentinian man and woman who supported our proposals with their vote, we will continue working together to defend our values ​​and make them a reality. The road may be long and winding, but "We are willing to continue traveling through it with a firm step and without detours."

Was the first voice within JxC that made explicit the need to meet their peers in space. The rest of the leadership, for the most part, opted for the silence in the first hours after the electoral debacle, although there were already pronouncements that could interfere in a solution to this trap for the opposition coalition, like that of the radical Facundo Suárez Lastra:Don't count on me to vote for Milei, As Hipolito Yrigoyen said, We have to start over. What overcomes populism must be liberal, progressive and social democrat“he said on the social network X.

Mauricio Macri leaves the main stage of the JxC bunker (AP Photo)
Mauricio Macri leaves the main stage of the JxC bunker (AP Photo)

The former UCR deputy expanded his position in radio statements: “Many radicals, independents and some from the PRO are in no way willing to vote for Milei -he pointed-. The alliance opposing the government of Massa "It has to have a more progressive profile." And he added: “Many people consider it invokable.” Milei. “I do not rule out voting for Massa, but my main idea is to vote blank.”

In it PRO, still without recovering from the very hard electoral setback, they foresee an imminent meeting of its national leadership, exercised internally by the Macrista-Bullrichista Federico Angelini, although several of its leaders rule out that Macri makes a decision unconsulted and publicly call to vote for Milei in the runoff. The doubts They are focused on the attitude that Bullrich will take in the face of the new political scenario. Will you accept a possible request from the former president to support the libertarian in the second round after he attacked with virulence as a “murderous bunch”? Did she really get over her discomfort with Macri because of her winks at Milei in the middle of the campaign? “Patricia and Mauricio have to talk alone as soon as possible,” said a representative of the hard wing of the PRO.

In line with what was agreed last night with 10 JxC leaders in Parque Norte, the JxC presidential candidate warned in her final speech that “we will never be accomplices of populism in Argentina” and refused to congratulate Massa (“I am not the one who is going to come to congratulate the return to power of someone who has been part of the worst government in Argentine history,” he said), but allusions to Milei were missing.

Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta before the closing of the JxC campaign, along with Cristian Ritondo, Néstor Grindetti and Maximiliano Abad
Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta before the closing of the JxC campaign, along with Cristian Ritondo, Néstor Grindetti and Maximiliano Abad

Minutes before, in that previous meeting, in the middle of a tense atmosphere, Bullrich asked agree his message with Macri, Larreta, Morales (when the former president left), Elisa Carrió, María Eugenia Vidal, Diego Santilli, Maximiliano Ferraro, Juan Pablo Arenaza and Hernán Lombardi. Was “cross pressures” to criticize Massa or Milei, but finally Bullrich accepted the advice to maintain in public that The two options for the runoff were “unviable.” Something change from leaving the VIP room to taking the microphone. That was another reason for Morales' fury.

In Macrismo, meanwhile, an incipient tendency to navel-gazing emerged. Those around the former president warned that the scenario of a triumphant Massa "it was the worst" of the election day and some even dared to say: “Everyone hit Mauricio, but this shows that "He was the best presidential candidate we could present to beat Kirchnerism."

From other sectors of Together for Change, the first self-critical reflexes. “We ate two curbs. First when we did not see Milei's growth in the PASO and now when we did not take into account that Massa could increase his votes for the Platita Plan and the campaign of fear. "We lost the thermometer," lamented before Infobae a weighty reference for the coalition.

The promotion of Javier Milei precipitated the division of Together for Change
The promotion of Javier Milei precipitated the division of Together for Change

After leaving Parque Norte, Rodríguez Larreta had dinner with his main collaborators at a grill in Recoleta. There was anger against Macribut the head of government asked serenity. It is the component that probably scarce in Together for Change in these dark hours. The larretist demonstrated it Ezequiel Galli, mayor of Olavarría who lost the elections and who this morning published a very harsh message on the networks: “Clearly Mauricio Macri He is no longer the leader or reference of JxC. “Argentina chose, and it was clearly in the opposite direction to what we have been proposing,” he said.

It is outlined the beginning of the end of Together for Change as it was known. Enthusiastic, Macri predicted a “change of era” when Milei was the most voted in the PASO and Massa came third. Now, the era that ended is the one that kept the main opposition force together, even if it was with forceps.

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