Today's matches, Saturday, October 28: schedules, TV channels and live results

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Today, Saturday, October 28, different matches will be held in the world's leagues - Credit: composition of Infobae PerĂș
Today, Saturday, October 28, different matches will be held in the world's leagues - Credit: composition of Infobae PerĂș

Today, Saturday, October 28, several matches will be played in different leagues around the world. The final of the South American Cup at the Domingo Burgueño Miguel stadium in Punta del Este, Uruguay. In addition, the Peruvian championship will define the teams that will be relegated and those that will qualify for the tournament organized by Conmebol. Luis Advíncula He will have minutes with Boca Juniors.

LDU from Quito, with Paolo Guerrero in their ranks, they faced Strength to define the champion of the South American Cup 2023. The Peruvian attacker is one of the stars of the Ecuadorian team, which sought its fifth star at the international level.

He 'tricolor'He will take the field to win his first continental title in his second participation in the competition. The Brazilian team was in first place in group H and in the next stage they eliminated teams like Corinthians, America Mineiro and Freedom Club from Paraguay.

The Peruvian striker scored a double against the Argentines in the Copa Sudamericana. (Video: ESPN)

The Closing Tournament of the League 1 began its last day where the teams classified for an international tournament or those who went down to the championship of the League 2. Municipal Sports received Cantolao Academy at the IvĂĄn ElĂ­as Moreno stadium. The 'councilors' They fell and stayed in the lower area.

One of its rivals to maintain the category is Sports Boys. The 'pink' they won to secure their place in the 2024 edition of the first division competition. The last game of the day was CĂ©sar Vallejo against Cusco FC. The two clubs tried to win to qualify for the South American Cup 2024but he kept the three points the 'poets'.

Luis AdvĂ­ncula He was summoned by his team, Boca Juniors, which faced Estudiantes de La Plata. The 'xeneizes'they will have this match as a prior to playing the final of the Libertadores Cup in view of Fluminense at the MaracanĂŁ stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

South American Cup match

- Fortress 1(3)-1(4) LDU of Quito (Completed)

League 1 matches

- Deportivo Municipal 1-2 Academia Cantolao (Finished)

- Sport Boys 2-1 Cienciano (Finished)

- Universidad CĂ©sar Vallejo 3-1 Cusco FC (Finalized)

Premier League matches

- Chelsea 0-2 Brentford (Finished)

- Bournemouth 2-1 Burnley (Finished)

- Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United (Finished)

- Wolverhampton 2-2 Newcastle (Finished)

Serie A matches

- Sassuolo 1-1 Bologna (Finished)

- Lecce 0-1 Torino (Finished)

- Juventus 1-0 Hellas Verona (Finished)

Portuguese league matches

- Portimonense 1-0 Estoril (Finished)

- Benfica 1-1 Casa Pia (Finished)

- Vitoria GuimarĂŁes 5-0 Grupo Desportivo de Chaves (Finalized)

- Gil Vicente 3-3 Sporting Braga (Finished)

LaLiga matches

- AlmerĂ­a 1-2 Las Palmas (Finished)

- FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (Finished)

- Mallorca 0-0 Getafe (Finished)

- CĂĄdiz 2-2 Sevilla (Finished)

Major League Soccer matches

- Philadelphia Union 3-1 New England (Finished)

- Los Angeles FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps (8:00 p.m. / BC Place stadium / MLS Pass on Apple TV)

Argentine League Cup matches

- Boca Juniors 0-0 Estudiantes de La Plata (Finished)

- Instituto de CĂłrdoba vs VĂ©lez Sarsfield (8:30 p.m. / Monumental de Alta CĂłrdoba stadium / Star +)

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