Today's horoscope of El Niño Prodigy January 23, 2022

03/21 – 04/19

If you are looking for your better half, you will think you have found her, but do not force things and allow the bond to mature at its own pace. If you are in a couple you will have the opportunity to solve an issue that had them a little distanced. Aim for a lasting deal.

04/20 – 05/20

If you committed some excesses, now your body will ask you for moderation. Eating light will be the best recipe for your body to find its balance point. If you are with a few extra kilos, think about the option of visiting a nutritionist.

05/21 – 06/20

You will be more expressive and you will feel like showing yourself to the world as the special person you are. The conditions will be given for you to develop your creative potential, so dance, sing and get on a stage. Your charms will be exalted and you will attract all eyes.

6/21 – 7/20

The transit of the Moon will bring familiar issues to the fore. Spending more time with your loved ones will help you harmonize and restore inner balance. Aromatize the environments and decorate your house with floral decorations to feel more comfortable.

07/21 – 08/21

Now you need to see yourself reflected in another and learn from the experience together. Don't let pride close your ears to other opinions. An outside point of view will help you better understand your situation. Get ready to dialogue, you won't regret it!

08/22 – 09/22

Economic issues capture your attention and you will receive a business proposal. It will be a good time to think about alternative ways to earn money. You'll feel like investing in your wardrobe and cosmetics, but don't let vanity bankrupt you.

09/23 – 10/22

You will look charming, but instead of flirting you will have a more serious and formal attitude. Difficult experiences from the past could condition you when making decisions. Don't let fear or pessimism rule you. Think hard before discarding interesting options.

10/23 – 11/22

Now that you're working on a few things, you'll want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Some external comments could disturb you, but it is better to be peaceful and not react. Create a calm atmosphere to connect with your interior. Reflect. You will find the answers within you.

11/23 – 12/20

The desire to socialize and interact with other people will become important. A range of attractive options will unfold before you. Opt for companies that offer you more than just passing entertainment. Give value to true friendship.

12/21 – 01/19

You are a tireless worker and now you will have the recognition you deserve for your efforts. You will seek to project an ideal image, but be careful because if you become too perfectionist you will lose spontaneity. Don't let superficial details cloud this moment of success.

01/20 – 02/18

You are an idealist and reality often disappoints you. But rejoice because you will meet someone very evolved who will help you get out of skepticism. If you are dealing with an ethical or legal issue, do not get impatient because when the time comes, justice will be done.

02/19 – 03/20

The stars will activate your love desires and you will seek to become intimate with that person that you like so much. Don't rush to reveal your true intentions and come up with a secret strategy without skipping any steps in the art of seduction. Bathe in essence of roses.

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