Today's horoscope of El Niño Prodigy January 19, 2022

03/21 – 04/19

Although it takes time, with perseverance you will be able to direct your projects. Your charismatic character will be enhanced and you will get support to achieve those dreams that you have been pursuing for so long. It will be a good time to interact with like-minded people. You will regain leader status.

04/20 – 05/20

Today you will have the possibility of strengthening your emotional ties, but you will have to avoid selfish attitudes and accept those who love you as they are. Sometimes you have too high standards. Lower the level of demand and open your heart.

05/21 – 06/20

You are a communicative person, but today your words will meet a wall. Everything you say will be evaluated and judged, so when you speak, speak with reason. Remember that life is a learning process and that everything that happens to you is a lesson in growth.

6/21 – 7/20

It's time to progress! You frequently shut down and that is the main cause of your problems. If you let yourself be carried away by fears, you will never meet your needs. Your financial position will improve if you accept the help they provide. Someone will throw you a rope, take it!

07/21 – 08/21

The opposition between the Moon in your sign and Saturn indicates that life will test you. You must respect the limits established by others without making melodramas or taking offense. Remember that listening to constructive criticism is a sign of maturation.

08/22 – 09/22

Today you will seek to be alone to reflect. If you want to be calm you will have to modify some habits. Lately your work causes you stress and that could harm your physical and spiritual well-being. Look for healthier alternatives for your life.

09/23 – 10/22

Lately you want to fend for yourself, but that attitude is isolating you. Life will show you that you need others and that you are not an invincible person. Stay tuned because a very generous friend will give you a hand, accept it!

10/23 – 11/22

You will increase the degree of responsibility and assume the role of command. You will have to be prepared to face strong challenges at a professional level and to be focused in times of turbulence. Remember that nothing you do will go unnoticed.

11/23 – 12/20

Take advantage of this moment to renew the limiting thoughts that prevent you from enjoying life and expanding. Starting today you will leave false beliefs aside to find "your truth". New questions will arise and you will go in search of your inner teacher.

12/21 – 01/19

Today the stars will give you clarity to detect where the most profitable business is and to obtain the greatest benefits. The conditions are given for you to take control and put your conditions. Do not accept less than what you deserve.

01/20 – 02/18

Encourage dialogue and companionship in your relationships. Keep in mind that other people function as mirrors in which we see our defects and virtues reflected. Do not put all the blame on others, nor do you attribute all the credit to them.

02/19 – 03/20

Get rid of stress and nervousness. Your body is crying out for you to lower the level of demand and insert moments of rest into your daily activities. Learn to live your routine in a more relaxed way. Perform yoga to restore your vital circuit.

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