Today’s horoscope for Pisces on July 6, 2022


You will interact with practical people who will help you mature. Through a romantic or work alliance you will be able to channel your fantasies. That they contradict you does not mean that they are against you. Accept criticism with humility and try to build something together.


love horoscope for pisces

You find it difficult to say no to the requests and demands of others. You seem more than willing to make compromises you wouldn’t normally tolerate or consider. It’s important to be more selective about who you spend time with. Avoid individuals who are always trying to take advantage of your good nature.


Money horoscope for Pisces

Conduct your financial affairs with moderation. At the moment you are very satisfied but you must weigh the pros and cons even when you lend money. Don’t be fooled by people who make false promises when they borrow and document everything in writing. This will let you sleep at night and protect your assets.


Sex Horoscope for Pisces

Go easy on sex toys. Please read the instructions first before using them on your partner! You don’t want an accident to happen when you’re all worked up. It could be embarrassing when you have to call the paramedics to remove all those naughty accessories.

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