Today’s horoscope for Aquarius on August 6, 2022



(01/20 – 02/18)

In this growing moon you will have to put aside your social life to defend what belongs to you with all your might. But don’t worry, you’ll get the boost you need to reach your goals. Don’t let anyone get in your way.


Aquarius love horoscope

If you feel agitated or upset, don’t let these feelings bother the people you care about most or worse yet make you alienate them. You find that those who are close to you have to show you a great deal of patience. You are aware of this, imagine if you had to deal with someone who behaved as you do.


Money horoscope for Aquarius

Money is causing you problems. Don’t waste time trying to compensate for your depressed mood by buying too much. This doesn’t help at all, and you won’t have money for important things. You don’t feel right for risky investments, so avoid them. Wait a bit, don’t risk now.


Sex Horoscope for Aquarius

Go easy on sex toys. Please read the instructions first before using them on your partner! You don’t want an accident to happen when you’re all worked up. It could be embarrassing when you have to call the paramedics to remove all those naughty accessories.

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