Today's Chinese horoscope June 3: predictions for each sign

The water dragon will be in charge of ruling this Saturday, June 3. Although the dragon is usually considered an animal of very good luck, the other energies that accompany it today cause the day to be unstable with a tendency to be negative.

He Chinese horoscope is composed of 12 animal signs and To find out which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2023 corresponds to the year of the Rabbit, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

It is also important that, when looking for your zodiac sign, take into account the day you were born, and if it is located on the calendar before February 4, your ruling animal will be the same as the previous year, because for Chinese astrology the year only starts on that date. For example, a person who was born on January 23, 1996, will not be ruled by the rat but by the pig.

Rat (1936 – 1948 – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008 – 2020

You should not pretend what you are not, and this is a lesson that the rat will learn today. You have to be consistent and remember the essential principle of “as it is inside, so it is outside”. And the rats, for several days, have been trying to show themselves in a different way than they really are. This, at the end of the day, will only bring them displeasure and pain, because a person who is really important to them will get tired of this attitude and move away.

Ox (1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009 – 2021)

The dragon suggests to the ox that he be very careful with his money. Those ruled by the buffalo will be prone to overspending and on items they don't even need. If you do not control your impulses to spend lavishly, without thinking about your obligations and real needs, you will seriously unbalance your prosperity energy and many days will pass before you can regain your peace of mind. The people who are with you do it because they like who you are, not because of what you have.

Tiger (1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010 – 2022)

After some difficult days, the tigers need a rest. Try to allocate a moment of the day for yourselves and do not take on more responsibilities than you already have to. If someone approaches you asking for help, analyze how much you are going to carry them, and if you don't feel up to it, explain the situation and try to schedule another day. An older member of your family could give you some much-needed advice. Don't waste it.

Rabbit (1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011 – 2023)

The rabbit will have many tasks and responsibilities during this day. Avoid postponing them and, on the contrary, leave other social activities that you already had scheduled for later. It can be frustrating and overwhelming for you, but if you put in the effort and follow through on your obligations, the rewards will not be long in coming. Avoid consuming alcohol on this day, as you could get sick.

Dragon (1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012)

The regent of the day could take advantage of the day to make plans in the medium and long term. You are getting closer to the start of your own year and this will bring you quite a few challenges and obligations, so it is important that you are prepared to take them on. Set aside a space of the day to make a to-do list and, in addition, plan your main activities for the following months. If studies and training are included in your projects, today's energy will favor you.

Snake (1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013)

It is time for the snakes to help those who have helped them so much. A person close to you, who has always been looking out for you and has offered you his hand unconditionally, will be going through a bad time today and will not be able to get out of it alone. Do not hesitate to come to her immediate help. Gratitude and kindness will bring you excellent energies in her favor. The small snakes of 2013 could suffer some discomfort, it is better that they consult the doctor.

Horse (1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014)

The day could not be very positive in labor and financial issues. Some bad news could affect the horse's work or budget. They could even lose large sums of money if they make investments or purchases without prior advice. However, while the outlook does not look rosy, if you keep a low profile and postpone important decisions for another day, you won't be as affected by today's energy.

Goat (1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015)

New relationships come into the life of the goat. Not only on a sentimental level but also on a friendship and work level. In these people, those ruled by the goat will be able to find support and help. But the dragon reminds them that relationships, of any kind, should always be reciprocal. Don't wait for them to give you everything and, in return, you offer nothing.

Monkey (1944 – 1956 – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016)

Some health problems could afflict the monkey on this day. Ailments to which you have not paid much attention will grow stronger to remind the vital monkeys that health must also be a priority. Although, at first, it will not be serious, if you do not visit your doctor and follow his recommendations, it could become a chronic situation that is difficult to control.

Rooster (1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017)

The rooster still carries a bit of the energy left by the rabbit yesterday. Due to this, it is better that you try to be patient and avoid any kind of confrontation, because your tongue will be “sharp” and you will end up saying things that are not true, which will cause you a lot of problems. The dragon also suggests that if you are starting a love relationship, go slowly and not act as if the other person should be perfect.

Dog (1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018)

With the dragon against them, the dogs will have to be very careful. Try to have a quiet day and avoid starting any important activity. They prefer better, to stay at home and carry out quiet and solitary activities. Perhaps in the afternoon they will receive news that leaves them shocked, but until they are sure of what happened, avoid drawing conclusions and commenting on it.

Pig (1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019)

The dragon recommends the pig to be aware of the health of its family members, especially the elderly. Several stars with a negative connotation will be around and could cause serious discomfort to your parents or adult relatives. Do not leave them alone, encourage them to go to the doctor and, if possible, accompany them.

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