Today's Chinese horoscope February 5: predictions for each sign

This Sunday, February 5, the Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated, and with it all the Chinese New Year festivities come to an end. Today you can light a lantern or a candle, the color you want, and raise your prayers and wishes to the universe.

On the other hand, and from an astrological point of view, the wooden horse will be the ruler of the day and its energy will favor activities that require stability, so take advantage of it and carry out everything you want to last in your life.

He Chinese horoscope is composed of 12 animal signs and To find out which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the year of the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

Of course, something additional that you must take into account, when looking for your ruling animal, it is your day of birth, because if it is located before February 4, your zodiac sign will be the same as the previous year, since, for Chinese astrology, the calendar only starts from that day.

Rat (1936 – 1948 – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008 – 2020)

People who were born in the years of the rat should take advantage of the day to rest. The horse is their antagonist, so they will not benefit from the ruler's energy. Better relax and plan your week. They might receive an invitation to go out, but it is better that they decline or at least postpone it, because things could go wrong.

Ox (1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009 – 2021)

The good stars continue to accompany the oxen. Despite being Sunday, the horse suggests that they work on their projects, especially if they have to do with work and finances. Plan the steps to follow and seek help, especially from women close to you, as they will support you, even beyond what you expected.

Tiger (1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010 – 2022)

It is very important that those ruled by the tiger listen to the advice they are given. Someone who really appreciates you will come up to you and make various comments related to the way you are doing things. Don't lose your cool or feel offended, on the contrary, appreciate their honesty and really analyze what you need to change in your life to live calmer.

Rabbit (1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011)

The recommendation for the new ruler of the year is to be careful with your physical activities. Today you could feel excessive energy and this can lead you to be reckless. Rabbits should keep in mind that the star of injuries and accidents is very strong today, and they could end up visiting the emergency department.

Dragon (1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012)

The horse suggests to the dragons that they avoid having unnecessary expenses. Don't buy that pair of shoes yet and postpone the acquisition of that cell phone that you love so much for another day. Today is a day for savings and financial projection. If they act prudently, money that they were not expecting will arrive very soon and they will be able to treat themselves. But if, on the contrary, they decide to spend, their budget will be seriously affected.

Snake (1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013)

The day is appropriate for the snake to be enveloped in the light of romance and passion. Take advantage of the stars that accompany you and let yourself be carried away by the moment. Make or accept sentimental proposals and take that big step that you have been putting off for so long. Single snakes will also be favored and will be able to start a relationship that will bring them happiness.

Horse (1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014)

The ruler of the day should not waste today's energy. Put laziness and frivolous plans aside and instead work on your projects and plans. Regardless of what they are about: work, family, study and even hobbies, everything to which you print your enthusiasm today, will enjoy the favors of the universe, and will bring you important rewards and satisfaction.

Goat (1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015)

The star of losses and thefts will accompany those ruled by the goat today. Because of this, it is important that you take care of your belongings and, above all, refrain from participating in businesses and activities that promise quick and easy profits. The risk of being scammed is very high. The horse also recommends that, as far as possible, they avoid traveling or making long journeys.

Monkey (1944 – 1956 – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016)

The year of the rabbit will bring great opportunities to those born in the years of the monkey. Take advantage of the day to start looking for them and β€œknock on doors”. If you are thinking of changing jobs, organize your resume and apply for job offers or start some training that will allow you to improve your skills. And above all, if you are thinking of migrating to another country, start the inquiries and procedures today, because the future of the monkeys is far from home.

Rooster (1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017)

The stars of romance accompany the rooster on this day. those who have a partner will have time to have a good time together and resolve some pending issues. On the other hand, single roosters should go out with their friends to see new places, because that is where love is waiting for them. On the other hand, it is recommended that they be aware of the health of the elderly members of their family.

Dog (1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018)

The dog's finances will be favored this day. On the one hand, they will pay you money that they had given as a loan a long time ago and that they already thought was lost, and, on the other hand, they will be very inspired, and ideas to generate new income will come easily, so have on hand a notebook so that they can write everything that comes to their mind. From there will come something very important.

Pig (1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019)

The best thing for pigs is to stay away from discussions of all kinds. Regardless of whether they are with a family member, your partner, a friend or partner must act with patience and a conciliatory attitude. They cannot allow the energy of discord to drag them down, because they will not easily get out of that confrontation.

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