Today they detail the reactivation and help plan

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Today, the government of the Republic will announce the amount of economic resources that those affected by the disaster will receive. hurricane Otis In AcapulcoWarrior.

According to the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorin his conference this morning the comprehensive plan to rebuild and reactivate the port, as well as the areas affected by the category 5 meteor, will be known.

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He specified that the economic resources will be delivered starting today to the more than 30 thousand families that have been registered by the nation's servants.

Tomorrow we are going to announce the general plan of how much will be contributed; There is no limit, it is what we consider is going to be needed, that is why the census, we are going to have about 40 thousand, 50 thousand (censured) for today, but not wait to finish the census, but start delivering the support tomorrow; It's everything, but fundamentally they are direct resources, without intermediation. Before they talked about Fonden, that didn't arrive, they stole it,” he stressed to the media.


When talking about the help of the international community, the President revealed that, through bank transfers, the government of Mexico has one million dollars and in the case of material and human support, he thanked the presence in the areas impacted by the 35 hurricane. Cuban doctors and 1,048 health workers from different agencies of the federal government.

He pointed out that in the case of the United States government, President Joe Biden offered support “for whatever we requested,” but, thanks to the fight against corruption, the government has 600 billion pesos.

It's not pretentious or misunderstood, but it's one of the good, good, good things about not allowing corruption. Do you know how much we have in cash today? 600 billion pesos. In other words, we have no problem, we have healthy finances,” said López Obrador.

He reported on his visit to Acapulco. It is the third visit of the federal president to the area, after the hurricane Otis.

He led an evaluation meeting with the members of the cabinet who are there and this morning he will report on the meeting.


In telephone connection with the President of Mexico, the governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, the number of deaths from the hurricane Otis remains at 46; The missing are 58.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry reported that another 42 foreigners who were in Acapulco were rescued, bringing the number to 305 tourists from 12 different countries who have been supported to return to their nations.

In the case of the census due to damage to homes and businesses, the Secretary of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel, said that there is an advance of 32,644 properties.

— Isabel González and Enrique Sánchez

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