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Jenni Hermoso denounces Luis Rubiales before the Prosecutor's Office for the kiss he gave her after the World Cup final

The Prosecutor's Office will file a complaint against Rubiales before the Central Investigative Courts of the National Court


Feijóo proposes to the PSOE to "seek" together a "fit" to Catalonia without the amnesty

The Government will negotiate with the Congress groups the conditions to invest Sánchez and sees avenues of dialogue open

Jaume Asens, Sumar's negotiator with the independentists, admits that the amnesty is the condition for the investiture and believes that "there is a party"


PSOE, Sumar, ERC, Bildu, PNV and BNG register the reform to be able to use the co-official languages ​​in Congress already at Feijóo's investiture

Junts will support the use of co-official languages ​​in Congress despite not signing the reform

ERC highlights that the reform will allow the use of Catalan and Occitan


The former president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, renounces her membership as a deputy and leaves the front line of politics


The Government will apply all mechanisms to protect Telefónica after STC Group breaks in


More than 8 million students start classes this week, today in Madrid and Catalonia

The course begins with a strike in Catalonia and centers affected by DANA in Madrid

Schoolwork falls almost exclusively on mothers and takes up to 3 hours a day


López Miras admits in the investiture debate in Murcia that a government alone was "more appropriate" but justifies his pact with Vox as the "most responsible option"

The Mar Menor and sexist violence generate the first frictions between PP and Vox in Murcia


The Seville City Council suffers a computer attack and they demand a ransom of one million euros

The Dutch group Lockbit is behind the cyberattack on the Seville City Council


The search continues for the three missing in Madrid and Toledo after the passage of DANA

Railway circulation between Madrid and Toledo is recovered, after the passage of the DANA

Rains in the west of the peninsula and up to 35 degrees in the Eastern Cantabrian Sea


UGT aspires to a minimum salary of 1,200 euros and 35 hours per week this term


Painkillers and drugs for mental disorders, the most prescribed in Spain


The filming of "Cuéntame" ends, which will say goodbye this season after 22 years on the air


Melania Olcina and Rafaela Carrasco, awarded the 2023 National Dance Awards



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