'Today I leave you a safer and renewed Cuajimalpa'; Adrián Rubalcava renders his Fifth Report

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Adrián Rubalcava, mayor of Cuajimalpa de Morelos, presented his Fifth Government Report in which he highlighted his investment in security, positioning the district as one of the safest nationwide.

Before residents of Cuajimalpa, and other mayors of Mexico City, and accompanied by representatives of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), National Action Party (PAN) and Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), senators and deputies, Adrián Rubalcava gave the latest report from his administration.

In a brief message, Adrián Rubalcava mentioned that since October 1, 2012 he set goals, which after his administration period, he claims to have achieved them.

He recognized “the oblivion in which the towns and colonies of the mayor's office lived during other periods,” which is why he claimed to leave “a safer and renewed Cuajimalpa, a more just and inclusive society, with the commitment to always provide them with personal attention.”

He highlighted that during his administration he had a good relationship with all political actors without distinction of color, which led him to build a society with greater benefits.

During his report he recognized the transformation of public spaces, maintenance of buildings and constructions that preserve historical wealth. He reported that community events were held, managing to create 2,100 new streets where before “there was only mud,” and paving more than 315,000 square meters; the implementation of 12,798 meters of new water conduction lines and the service of more than 170,000 completely free water pipes.

In the environmental sector, more than 100 thousand trees were reforested, 400 days of cleaning in ravines were carried out, and the construction and expansion to 11 hectares of the Peteretes area, the management unit for the care and reproduction of white-tailed deer, stood out. .

In activities of the “Enchulando tucolonia” program, Adrián Rubalcava participated in 600 Saturday sessions, in addition the El Calvario Pantheon was rehabilitated, which had been without maintenance for 30 years, 6 thousand lights were also installed and more than 6 thousand new houses were painted, eliminating graffiti in the demarcation.

Adrián Rubalcava highlighted that Cuajimalpa is the mayor's office that has invested the most in security by presenting fewer crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. He pointed out that it is the fourth mayor's office with the best perception of security in the entire country, making it the safest mayor's office in Mexico City.

From having 80 police officers it went to having a thousand, each of them with a bodycam; From 4 patrols there were now 420, which has generated peace of mind among the inhabitants. Tactical towers were installed at strategic points, it has a “dragon” anti-riot tactical vehicle (unique in all municipalities), and 17 checkpoints were installed at the entrances and exits of the district.

Among other activities, the mayor highlighted being the first mayor's office in the entire country to build a monument in a show of support and empathy towards the LGBTIQ+ community; have the only social program whose main objective is to financially support men and women, heads of families; the only mayor's office with a program for free family recreation or at very affordable costs in different amusement parks and in cultural matters, having the only museum dedicated to honoring the greatest legend of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante.

Adrián Ruvalcaba concluded his message by expressing that it culminates an administration “committed to creating mechanisms of growth, development and well-being” for its inhabitants.

Alejandro Moreno, President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, attended the report; Marko…


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