Today I do love you Ochoa Chivas players celebrated Paco

“Today I do love you, Ochoa”: Chivas players celebrated Paco Memo’s save, despite the fact that he is the América goalkeeper (video)

Two soccer players from the Rebaño Sagrado met to watch the game in Mexico and celebrated Memo Ochoa’s save, forgetting for a moment that in Liga MX he defends the goal of his hated rival.

Isaac Brizuela and Fernando Beltrán, along with other members of the Chivas staff, They met to watch Mexico vs. Poland, who finished 0-0, partly thanks to the great play of the national goalkeeperwho guessed the FC Barcelona striker’s shot from 11 steps and jumped as long as it was to deflect it.

In a video published by the official Chivas Twitter account, the reaction of the Chivas players can be seen, which was jubilant, since they are supporting Mexico with everything and above all, despite the fact that the starting goalkeeper of the national team be that of his staunch rival in Liga MX.

“Of course, Fransua!”, the “Cone” is heard shouting in an instant of euphoria that is shown in the clip.

“Today I love you Ochoa”, It was published moments before on the social media account, showing off the union that existed during the match between rojiblancos and azulcremas fans.

The chivahermanos’ reaction to these publications was supportive and empathetic, since they reacted positively in the comments, with phrases such as “Right now there are no colors, we are all Mexico” and “ALV the colors, that is my goalkeeper.”

At the end of the meeting, two players stood out above the otherscuriously one from America and the other from Chivas, Paco Memo and Alexis Vega, respectively.

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