To France? JJ Macías could have an opportunity to grow in French football

After knowing the arrival of Borja Mayoral as reinforcement of Getafe, the future of Jose Juan Macías he could be out of Spanish football and in the last hours he could have the opportunity to go to French football to continue his career.

With only 221 minutes played in the Spain League, Macías has not achieved any direction at Getafe in Spain and with six strikers ahead of him, the fight for a place within the team seems very uphill for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medalist player.

France as a possible destination

The arrival of Borja Mayoral from Roma would leave the Mexican striker without space and one option he has is to go to French football with the Lille from Ligue 1. Although everything will depend on the negotiations during the winter market, his arrival as a reinforcement could give his career greater continuity.

Lille had tried to sign the Mexican for last season, but the negotiations were unsuccessful and at the insistence of Míchel, predecessor of Quique Sánchez Flores, he opted to join the azulón team. On the other hand, the French team has the Americans Timothy Weah Y Jonathan DavidIn addition to the veteran Burak Yilmaz.

Chivas is not an option at the moment

For the moments, Jose Juan Macías would not have stipulated his return to the Chivas from Guadalajara and his board has not yet received any message from the player's environment and Getafe. For this reason, Ricardo Pelaez assured that they have not contemplated contacting the European team to reinforce themselves with the striker.

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