Tlaxcala and its prisons!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

Prisons in Mexico are a university of crime that generates thousands of pesos for inmates who can sell drugs, kidnap and extort money from their cells, with the complicity of various prison authorities.

A few weeks ago, we announced that to this day, there has not been a diagnosis of the prisons in Mexico by the Federal Government from 2019 to date; however, the civil organizations Reinserta and the Community Organization for Peace (OCUPA) presented the diagnosis of the prison system in the state of Tlaxcala.

Where they point out that, in the legal field, there are 72 percent of people deprived of liberty in process, awaiting a sentence, above the national average that represents 47 percent.

The Apizaco women's prison has generally good conditions for their care: it has specific dormitories for mothers and their sons and daughters, with outdoor play areas and a toy library, in addition to providing the necessary food.

However, the infrastructure of the bathrooms, showers and drainage is in poor condition, as well as the grills to heat food in the common areas of the dormitories and the absence of light bulbs.

The addiction care area lacks the optimal conditions to carry out adequate detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.

94 percent of the population is willing to help improve the conditions of the center, which could greatly reduce labor costs.

More than 70 percent of the female and male population carry out work activities, although they are not paid accordingly, which makes it difficult for their families to sustain themselves economically.

60 percent of the population reported having disorders of depression, anxiety, insomnia and anger problems. Although most of them receive individual psychological attention from the prison system, it is insufficient since they receive this attention every six months.

Some of the recommendations developed in terms of security by Reinserta and OCUPA include reinforcing the custodial staff as indicated by the National Human Rights Commission (at least one custodian for every 10 inmates), as well as a salary increase and professionalization of the staff. current to avoid the constant risk of flight, riots or corruption; the implementation of a dynamic security model that allows generating non-violent interaction between custodians and inmates and preventing the commission of crimes within prisons.

These failures in the prisons of the smallest state in the country, failures that in other Mexican prisons, would be nothing, these failures would be multiplied by 10, without taking into account the so-called self-government that they have.

The charge Tlaxcala and its prisons! first appeared in The Arsenal.

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