'Tlalpan, I see you better' advances with delivery of free glasses

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Social action advances "Tlalpan, I see you better"with which, so far, students from 30 of the 75 primary schools that are in the school registry of the district have received optometric check-ups and free glasses, if they require it. Parents of students benefiting from the delivery of glasses only have to pay a minimum fee of 256 pesos.

Until now, some 1,517 of these primary schools have been considered candidates to receive free glasses “marking a significant step towards improving visual health and equal opportunities,” said the mayor of Tlalpan, Alfa González, by presenting a report on the progress of said program, with an assigned budget of 1 million 998 thousand 776 pesos.

Of the total, one million 755 thousand 776 pesos They will be used for the delivery in kind of six thousand 880 lenses, with a cost of 256 pesos.

Free glasses in Tlalpan

The glasses They are made of light and resistant paste, rods with a metal core, bronze alloys, flexible, anatomically shaped bridge. While the micas They are made of an organic, lightweight material, high impact resistance and adaptability to almost all ametropias.

What is sought with this social action, the Tlalpense councilor explained, improve academic performance of students who face visual acuity problems, while contributing to the reduction of social inequality gaps.

We will maintain the commitment to our childhoods, addressing their immediate needs to improve their quality of life in the present and promote their future, reducing inequalities due to the lack of resources for Tlalpan to reemerge,” concluded Mayor Alfa González.

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