Title of Argentina will be 'flag' of the South American candidacy for 2030

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The triumph of Argentina in it Qatar World Cup 2022 will allow to boost the South American bid for the 2030 edition of the Soccer World Cupwhich will hold an event next Tuesday in Buenos Aires with the presence of representatives of the champion country, Uruguay, Paraguayan Y Chilialliance that aspires to receive the event.

As reported by a source Argentine Soccer Association (AFA)on February 7 at 12:00 noon, the heads of the federations of the four countries that make up the 2030 candidacy in a press event that will seek to promote the return of the joust to Latin America.

The president of the South American Soccer Confederation (Conmebol), Alejandro Domínguezconfirmed to EFE that they will use the victory of the Albiceleste as 'flag' to vindicate the organization of the World Cup in the region.

Until now, five of the 22 World Cups disputed have been held in Southamerica beginning with its first edition in 1930 celebrated in Uruguayin 1950 and 2014 in Brazil, chili 1962 Y Argentina 1978.

Of those 22 World Cup events, on ten occasions the victory has been for a team from the regionwith Uruguay crowning in 1930 and 1950, Argentina in 1978, 1986 and 2022Y Brazil in the editions 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

Although, apparently, the inclusion of bolivian in the candidacy are not on the table, in recent statements by the former president Evo Moralessaid he had achieved support of the Argentine president, Alberto Fernándezto be considered.

The 2 August 2022in it Montevideo Centennial Stadiumscene of the first World Cup final, Domínguez presented together with the Sports headlines of the four countries the so-called "Mundial Centenario", as a tribute to the 1930 event.

Later, in November, it was launched in Santiago de Chile the Together 2030 Corporation to promote and develop the candidacy.

In a recent interview with EFE in Buenos Aires, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammenscommented that if the country was going to take advantage of the momentum of the title in the Qatari event to organize an event that would have “The World Cup as the protagonist”.

The idea that we always give, the argument that we always outline when we talk about that candidacy, (is) that the first World Cup was played in the Río de la Plata, in 1930 in Uruguay, and that seems fair to us, for all that the South American football to the World Cup, come back.

The third world title signed by Argentina in Qatar 2022 could be the push for this candidacy, which in the words of Lammens, “in terms of material resources” may not compete “with the European powers”but you must have “a historical recognition”.

The South American bid is expected to compete with Saudi Arabia and the european alliance Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

(With information from EFE)

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