Tips for a successful oil change

Tips for a successful oil change

The power unit of our vehicle is listed as one of the most important parts of the car, and generally the most expensive in terms of repair. One of the common maintenance actions for the engine to be healthy is the oil change.

Keeping the surface of the engine lubricated will make it work at 100% of its capacities, and therefore, it will work as it should. For this reason, andhe oil change process plays a fundamental role in the integrity of the part.

In this way, know the tips or advice to make this process a simple activity. If you have already done it before, there is no problem in refreshing knowledge, and if not, you will be able to learn what is necessary to carry out an accurate oil change.

Tips for a successful oil change

The first thing you should do is check car manufacturing guidelinessince each car is different when it comes to oil change, either in quantity or mixture, since if we put it in the wrong way, the lubrication and useful life of the engine will be reduced.

Once this step is done, the following will be make sure of the correct weight, since each oil has a specific one for each particular engine that will vary according to the make and model of the vehicle. However, most modern cars have this information on the oil filler cap located under the hood, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find this information.

Wear protective equipment and wait for the vehicle to cool down It will be key during the process. Gloves and towels on hand will prevent unwanted spills, while if you have driven, wait at least 20 minutes to half an hour to carry out the oil change process, since if the liquid flows when it is still warm it could cause damage to your car. skin.

Use the drain pan correctly so that the oil does not drip onto your hands or onto the floor. Secondly, use a tool If it is difficult to remove the oil filter, then make sure you place it correctly to avoid leaks or unwanted leaks.

Finally, watch out that all the oil enters the engine by means of an effective funnel that pours the oil at the correct angle. Finally dispose of old oil responsibly with the environment. Also, he remembers that some states have specific laws on how to do it.

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