tiktoker launches strong criticism and divides opinions

tiktoker launches strong criticism and divides opinions
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The user of TikTok @michelleaven posted a video in which she makes a strong criticism towards having children, since she considers that they represent an important expense, since they affect the personal financeespecially when it is young, so in the description of the clip he added: "Having children leaves you poor sister! And someone who is only a spectator tells you this because "If I spend a lot of money on myself, I can't imagine spending it on someone else."

And the issue of have children it's complexsince while there are some people who they want it from a very young agethere are who evade such responsibilitybecause they prefer to have the time completely for themselves, as well as the money and not have to allocate it for toys, schools, diapersdoctors and everything that comes with having a child.

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VIDEO: Tiktoker assures that having children "leaves you poor"

In the video, the young woman from El Salvador begins by making a explanation using your case as an example, because it surprises you the amount of money you have left to a person when has no children:

I'm almost 25 years old, I have a job where I get paid well here in Canada, I'm still building a business where I get extra money and I honestly feel that my financial stability is fine, that is, I feel like I've been around long enough where I don't worry about money. "

And according to the tiktoker, when a child is added to this, life is not the samesince it is a financial limitation having to think about another person although he clarified that not necessarily having them is a bad thingjust the question of the money that is invested in them.

@michelleaven Having children leaves you poor sister! And someone who is only an expectant tells you this because if I spend a lot of money on myself, I can't imagine spending it on someone else #latinaenelextranjero original sound - Michelle| Latina living

There are parents who can't even save because they have children."

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Likewise, he mentioned that At 24 years old, he has saved an amount of money that he never would have imagined. throughout his life, because he even lives in Canadaso the content focuses on their experiences in that country.

Kids are cute and all, having kids is a blessing, but when the time is right. So sister, follow this advice and if you want good economic stability, don't have children right now."

Finally, the tiktoker recommended that her followers enjoy her singleness and her economic stability, however, she received various comments for her statements, although they were divided between people who want or have children and those who agreed with her: "You don't know about what you're missing, money is vanity, the childhood of the little ones is happiness For our lives", "Children after 30you are already mature and better off economically", "You are absolutely right, we have to learn to burn stage and remove stereotypes that they left us, past generation, everything in its time" and "Having children does not limit me in any way., I continue saving and I also save for him. "He couldn't see how my financial freedom changed."


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