TikTok Video, A woman likes married men and creates controversy

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The video of TikTok of a woman who says she likes married people is creating controversy in social networks. The young woman's honest statement has earned criticism from some people.

Through the account TikTok by @icefire_oficial The video of the interview with a young woman wearing a black dress was shared.

"I like married people," she says at the beginning of the clip while the interviewer makes a surprised face and asks her if she is referring to a man who wants to marry, to which she responds no, that she likes 'those who have wife'.

The young man who is known for being a content creator on TikTok and who commonly posts controversial interviews, tells the woman that if she doesn't think that's 'a little wrong'.

No, he's very cool because his wives take care of them and everything and they just come with me to have a good time, so he's super cool," the young woman responds.

In addition, The woman claims that she loves adrenaline and have fun with married men.

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Reactions on TikTok from a woman who likes married men

The clip that adds almost 500 thousand views on TikTok It has had a great response on the platform, among those who defend the woman for her honesty and those who criticize her for her response.

Among the comments we read:

  • I imagine they buy sandals for him.
  • His speech and his flip-flops don't match up much.
  • My time has come.
  • At least she is sincere and liberal.
  • I don't see any flaws in your logic.

TikToker Ice Fire

The TikToker known as Ice Fire stands out for making videos about unusual cases. At the end of 2022, a trend became popular for sharing the story of a woman who claimed that she keeps her boyfriend locked up because she fears that he may cheat on her with other women.

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