TikTok 'disturbs social harmony' and Nepal decides to ban it

TikTok 'disturbs social harmony' and Nepal decides to ban it
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Nepal announced this Monday that it is going to ban the social network TikTok due to the negative effects of this application on the "harmony" of the country.

The popular video-sharing platform, which has nearly 1 billion users, faces restrictions in several countries and is accused of violating data laws. There is also alarm about its possible harmful effects on youth.

The decision to ban it was taken today and the authorities are taking care of the technical issues," said Communications and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma.

Sharma explained that the government took the decision because TikTok is systematically used to share content to "disrupt the social harmony and affect family structures and social relationships.

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The official did not specify if there was a determining fact that led the government to make the decision.

Gagan Thapaleader of the Nepali Congress party, which is part of the government coalition, stated that it seems that the executive seeks to "repress freedom of expression."

This decision was announced after Nepal implemented a regulation that requires social networks that operate in the country to establish an office.

TikTok is the sixth most used social network in the world, according to the marketing agency We Are Social.

However, it registers strong growth among young audiences, compared to its rivals, Facebook and instagram.

Several countries have launched initiatives to tighten control over social networks due to the impact that this technology may have on young people.

TikTok belongs to the Chinese conglomerate ByteDancebut the company denies accusations that it transmits its users' data to the government of Beijing.

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