Tigres will have a retro collection from Adidas Originals

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The brand of the clover or the three stripes, Adidas Originalsfinally revealed the first look of the retro collection that he launched to put one of the teams on hold soccer most emblematic of northern Mexico, the Tigers of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL). This is what the incredible set looks like.

The San Nicolás Garza soccer team, Tigersbegan this month of October in a good way, since collaborated with the clothing brand Adidas Originalsspecialized in urban clothing, to launch a clothes collection dating back to the style of the late 20th century.

Tigres and Adidas Originals Collection

Inspired by the clothing designs of the seventies, when the trefoil logo came to light, adidas launched a retro collection to highlight the university of northern Mexico and the soccer team with more than 60 years of historyhe Tigers Club.

The collection It consists of five garments with, two shirts short and long sleeve, as well as a set of pants with the colors yellow and blue, of local rival, to represent the passion of the royals; as well as the acronym of a 'U', made with two stripes, as a reference to the UANL.

Likewise, to complement the cCollection of Adidas Originals with Tigers, Official photos circulated of the players André-Pierre Gignac, Javier Aquino and Fernando Gorriaran wearing the new clothing with the Gazelle model tennis shoes, with the iconic 'T' shaped toe.

When will the Adidas Originals and Tigres collection come out?

For fans who are eager to wear the colors of Tigersas part of the Adidas Originals retro collection, they will have to wait less than you think. This is because on the brand's social networks, a video was circulated announcing the date October 16. So it is likely that the items will be available in stores next week.

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