Tigres moves away from the lead after a tie with Pachuca in Hidalgo

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Tigers and Pachuca They left something to be desired, distributing points after tying 1-1 in the Date 12 of the Opening 2023 prior to the break due to FIFA date.

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The royals stomped at the start of the matchwhen just at 4' they went ahead on the scoreboard with the goal André Pierre-Gignacunder the road penal. The Frenchman took advantage of a foul by Sergio Barreto on Diego Lainez, who had made an individual play, taking the sweep at the wrong time and from eleven steps, The Frenchman scored his seventh goal of the competition and made the game 1-0.

The insistence continued on the visit who were close to increasing their advantage if it weren't for the youth Carlos Moreno; Well, the Tuzo archer made a real Wall under his three posts stopping how much of the ball was heading towards goal, starting with a great bailout for Sebastián Córdova at 12'who was already ready to define the 2-0.

Guillermo Almada's painting did not see the light until Bryan González shook the Hidalgo building with a great goal from another gameputting the round of "Tinker Bell"after shooting from long distance and putting the 1-1 at 20'.

With the tie the home team took the lead with more motivation what football, being nothing of the comeback if it weren't for Nahuel Guzmánbecause the Argentine threw a double save on Marino Hinestroza's shot and the counterpunch of Lucas Di Yorio.

For their part, the led by Robert Dante Siboldi tested the rival goalkeeper that he did not miss a single ball, the most outstanding being a shot from Gignac to the 31'avoiding the Frenchman's double before the break.

For him second period the emotions they were kept in the face of zero danger in the offensives of the squads inside the field, since not even the changes to the attack fulfilled their objective, taking the minutes to their end, leaving the current champions of Mexico with their second draw in a row but being subleaders with 22 units and increasing to thirteen matches without victory in Pachuca lands; while the Hidalgo possess 12 points in it place fourteen.


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