Tigres lifts the Campeones Cup title | Video

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The UANL Tigers Mexicans beat the local team in a penalty shootout, 2-4 Los Angeles FC to win the Champions Cup this Wednesday and end the dominance of American clubs in the tournament.

This was the second time that the cats have won this cup, which is contested by the absolute champions of the Liga MX and MLS season.

After a goalless draw in regular time, the Argentine goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman He became the hero of the Tigers by saving the penalties from German Timothy Tillman and Ryan Hollingshead, to give the title to the Mexicans.

For the cats, all four of their players scored in the penalty shootout: the Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac, the argentines Nicholas Ibanez and Guido Pizarroand the Mexican Jesus Angulo.

The Tigers dominated the first half with 63 percent of the ball possession, but LAFC did not give the cats space to exploit their full offensive potential.

It was in the 12th minute that the Tigres had their only shot on goal of the first half, a mid-range shot by Colombian Luis Quiñones that was saved by Canadian goalkeeper Maxime Crépeau.

In the second half, the Uruguayan Cristian Olivera escaped from the left wing in the 60th to finish on goal, where Nahuel Guzmán saved, to keep the score tied.

Subsequently, Ecuadorian Diego Palacios was sent off in the 63rd minute. However, the Mexicans did not capitalize on it and in the 85th minute they suffered the loss of an element, the Brazilian Rafael Carioca, who prevented a clear goal play for which he received a red card; The Angelenos also did not take advantage, they had one more player on the court and the duel ended goalless in regulation time.

(With information from EFE)

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