Tigres crushes Chivas in Jalisco... and without two of its figures

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Tigres imposed their authority at the Jalisco Stadiumscoring at Chivas 4-0 and stay in the second place in the general table in a match corresponding to the Date 14 of the Opening 2023.

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From the start the home team wanted to surprise with their speed on the offensiveHowever, the experienced feline squad knew how to counter a red and white gale, when at 15' bad fielding in the 'chiverío' defense well used by Luis Quiñones finished 1-0. The Colombian gave in without problems to Nicolas Ibanezwho defined through the middle of the legs of goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez and broke the zero.

He Flock did not lower its arms and continued with his insistent attack, staying in sporadic shots of Roberto Alvaradobeing the most dangerous man in the local team.

On the final stretch, there was a controversial playwhere the ball apparently came out prior to a possible penalty for the locality, caused discontent in the Guadalajara fans that extended the first half after demonstrating with him homophobic shout against Nahuel Guzmánwho was reprimanded despite protesting about it.

For him complement things They continued with the same tonea royal painting waiting for the error and to 53' They repeated the dose in Ibáñez's boots. The tank' first intention and ordered to save his save his doublet to a pass from 'Luisao' with his second assist of the duel, silencing Jalisco.

The intensity in Veljko Paunović's pupils by discounting the result, ended up physically killing themtaking advantage of the visit to settle the match with an authentic great goal from Diego Lainez, who at 85' made the 3-0. With everything and the slab.

Marcelo Flores made his debut as a scorer with his first goal in Liga MX at 95', closing the clamp well and declare the final 4-0.

With the victory, the led by Robert Dante Siboldi continue as America's escorts with 28 unitswhile the Guadalajara are sixth with 21 points nothing more about the Play-in of the Liguilla.


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