Tiembla, Mexico: Argentina tore apart the United Arab Emirates in their last friendly before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The Argentine soccer team thrashed the United Arab Emirates 0-5 on Wednesdaywith two goals from Ángel Di María and one from Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Joaquín Correain a friendly played in Abu Dhabi as a prelude to the World Cup in Qatar.

The coach of the 'Albiceleste', Lionel Scaloni, took advantage of the fact that his team won 0-4 in the first half and tried a formation with five defenders during the second half.

At 16 minutes, Di María assisted Messi, who was in front of the goalkeeper and instead of defining he assisted Álvarez, who made it 0-1.

The second goal came after 25 minutes, after a cross from Marcos Acuña from the left that Di María, training the box on the right, hit with a volley.

Ten minutes later, Di María made it 0-3 after dribbling, inside the area, first a defender and then the goalkeeper.

Messi's goal came after 43 minutes. 'La Pulga' received a pass in the croissant, hooked to the right to get a man off of him and defined, crossed, from the right, to make it 0-4.

Already in the second half, a mid-distance shot from Harib Abdalla Suhail hit the crossbar.

Correa, who entered in the second half, was the author of the 0-5, at 59 minutes. 'El Tucu', assisted by De Paul, defined smoothly before the goalkeeper left.

The clearest for the United Arab Emirates was ten minutes from the end, when Caio Canedo was in an excellent position to score, now without the goalkeeper present, but Germán Pez.

La Albiceleste is drawn in group C of the World Cup in Qatar, along with Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

Argentina will debut on the 22nd against the Saudis, on the 26th they will play against Mexico, whose coach is former Albiceleste and Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino, and on the 30th they will close their participation in the group stage against Robert Lewandowski's Poland.

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