Thus Kuno Becker got a role in Gol; he already wrote Gol for a fourth film

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In the mid 2000s the movie was released Goalwhich shortly after became in a trilogy starring Kuno Becker. The film managed to catapult the actor's career internationally, however, the famous man has explained that he does not know how to play soccer.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Kuno Becker talked about how he got the lead role in said film despite not knowing how to play soccer. The actor pointed out that he went to a casting to play the sport, but it didn't go very well.

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“They summon me to some fields in Los Angeles, I arrive at the soccer audition (…), he gives me a pass, he stands in front of me (the director of the film) and I hit him, but I was white. He approaches me: 'you said you played soccer', I said I played soccer my way and what a game, a horrible game."

Even though it didn't come out everything went well in the casting, the director of the film sent it to train with Newcastle's reserves, however, he made no progress.

“I'm going to send you two weeks with the Newcastle reserves, the reserves were 14-year-old kids who were two and a half meters tall. I never touched the ball, I mean, I was terrible, I started training for many hours. I train so much they give me Adidas cleats that I didn't know I have feet with high arches and what happens to me is that I had 6 teachers, the players when I went to the gym told me that I couldn't run. I had a fracture in both heels from training and the heels, I continued training with the pain.”

After two weeks of training, Once again, Kuno Becker appeared at a soccer casting, but he did not succeed. stay with the paper. However, the actor noted that he wanted to tell the director that he had not taken advantage of the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom, it was this and something he learned during his training that landed him the lead role.

“They tell me you're a good actor, but you didn't learn anything. I go to the little cart that takes me to the hotel to go to Los Angeles, I return and in a not so respectful tone I told him that I had already lost the role, but that I had only come to spend the money, I told him about the fractures. I had a teacher and a player who taught me to stay with the ball without running. I told him to take the ball away from me, that I had come to learn and out of five times he only took the ball away from me once. Then he marks me and tells me: 'you kept the role,' but he put in like six doubles, one that runs, one that scores a goal, I only scored one goal, in the film two."

Kuno Becker wrote script to make fourth film Goal

Kuno Becker revealed that he has already written the script to make a fourth Gol movie, although for now he is looking for a way to finance it and thus produce the film.

“I already wrote the script for season four, I want to finance it. The script is great and it will truly do honor to the one. “I want to make a worthwhile sequel.”

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