Three years, a six-year term, never?

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The devastation is total. The port of Acapulco and its surroundings are devastated. The tragedy destroyed the most populated and important port on the Guerrero coast, where the hurricane Otis It has left a trail of destruction and desolation that seems straight out of a nightmare. Right now, the heart of Mexico beats with the suffering of thousands of people who face a heartbreaking reality. The magnitude of the devastation is heartbreaking, and rebuilding will be a long and painful undertaking.

The first balances. The images that reach us are shocking. Streets turned into tumultuous rivers, collapsed buildings, vehicles swept away by the current and people trapped in their own homes. The numbers of victims and missing people continue to increase, and the pain of families who have lost loved ones is immense.

The magnitude of the disaster has exposed the incompetence of local authorities and has overwhelmed the rescue teams that were in the area. The lack of resources and adequate logistics has complicated the task of reaching the most affected areas, and concern is growing for survivors trapped in the middle of this catastrophe. And about the areas far from the port, we know little or almost nothing.

Inmediate attention. Right now, the priority is clear: saving lives. Search and rescue efforts must be intensified, and medical assistance and supplies are needed for those affected. Food is running out quickly and the lack of light (along with the area's own heat) is causing perishable food to spoil. The immediate supply, now also compromised by the plunder of the population. And, although the solidarity of Mexican society has become evident, with citizens and organizations offering help of all kinds, with that spirit of unity and support that always characterizes us, it is a ray of hope in the midst of darkness, the truth is that the supply and arrival of humanitarian aid is greatly compromised by the impossibility of air or land access to the port due to the amount of landslides and destruction present on roads and runways.

Medium term: Reconstruction. Once the situation stabilizes, the focus should be on rebuilding. Acapulco is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Mexico, and its recovery will be crucial for the local and national economy. Significant investments will be needed to rebuild damaged infrastructure and revitalize the tourism industry. How long will it take to rebuild hotels and restaurants that employ more than 85% of Acapulqueños? What will happen to the entrenched and tolerated presence of the drug trafficker and his fee? Will violence, unleashed theft and destruction be tragedy after tragedy?

Reconstruction must be a process that involves the local community, with an emphasis on urban planning and preparation for future natural disasters. It is an opportunity to create a more resilient and safe Acapulco.

Long term: prevention and preparation. Tragically, natural disasters are a recurring reality in Mexico. And the 4T knows it just like the rest of us know it. The devastation caused by Otis reminds us of the importance of prevention and preparation. Which was missing, because Category 5 caught even the US National Hurricane Center by surprise. But that should not excuse the Mexican government from activating a much more forceful, effective and faster response. Authorities must review and improve their evacuation and emergency response protocols. Investment in disaster-resistant infrastructure and educating the population on how to act in risk situations are essential.

In this dark chapter of Acapulco's history, Mexico faces the urgent need to join forces to help the affected population. Put a pause on polarization and hate speech, remember that the most beautiful virtue of the Mexican people is empathy and solidarity. Those that have been our powerful weapons in times of crisis. Otherwise, Acapulco may not take three years or a six-year period to rebuild. If it is not activated right now, it may simply never happen again. Neither the Acapulqueños nor the Mexicans would deserve this scenario.

Yuriria Sierra
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