Three unions back Muriel Bowser


Within the framework of the recovery process due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, three renowned trade unions in the area announced on Tuesday their support for the management of Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser and endorsed her candidacy for re-election in the November elections. .

They are the unions 32BJ SEIU, UNITE HERE Local 23 and UNITE HERE Local 25, who expressed their public support in a statement, on behalf of more than 34,000 hotel, food and retail employees and real estate service workers who live and they work in DC.

In the document, labor groups highlighted Mayor Muriel Bowser’s “strong stewardship and commitment” “to helping working-class families weather periods of historic prosperity, hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“When janitors and security workers faced the prospect of mass layoffs at the start of the pandemic, Mayor Bowser stepped in decisively to help them protect their livelihoods,” said Jaime Contreras, executive vice president of the 32BJ union, which represents more of 20,000 real estate service workers who work in the DC area, out of a total of 175,000 members nationwide.

“The men and women who keep our airports clean and running smoothly are also grateful for your support in their long but successful fight for decent wages,” said Contreras, well known for leading various mobilizations for years in defense of immigrants and immigrants. Dreamers, as well as the minimum wage of $15 per hour.

John Boardman, executive secretary and treasurer of the UNITE HERE Local 25 union, which represents hotel, restaurant and casino workers, said: “We are deeply appreciative of the support that Mayor Bowser has shown hospitality workers and the tourism industry, during his two terms as head of the DC mayor’s office,” he said.

“From mandating strict regulations requiring automatic daily room cleaning, to advocating for a fair process for union organizing at District-funded hotels, Mayor Bowser has shown time and time again her commitment to hotel and restaurant workers. and their families”, n=stated, to add: “We are proud to support his re-election”.

On the other hand, Bert Bayou, Vice President of UNITE HERE Local 23, which represents 7,500 airport, stadium, food service and parking lot workers in the DC area, said, “We really appreciate the support that Mayor Bowser has shown. to workers, renters, and immigrants as they battled the pandemic.”

“In particular, the support that Mayor Bowser has shown for food service workers at the airport makes her our clear choice for re-election as Mayor of DC,” he emphasized.

  • With more than 175,000 members in 12 states, including more than 20,000 in the DC and Baltimore area, 32BJ SEIU is the largest real estate service workers’ union in the country.
  • For its part, UNITE HERE is a union that represents retail and food workers in hotels, food services, casinos and airports.
  • More than 14,000 UNITE HERE Local 23 and 25 members live and work in the DC region.

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