Three out of ten families in Costa Rica live in poverty | News


An investigation by the College of Economic Sciences of Costa Rica revealed this Wednesday that three out of ten households live in poverty while the president, Rodrigo Chaves, decreed a salary increase for ministers.


Costa Rica registers the highest inflation in 13 years

The study based on data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses states that of vulnerable households, 8.98 percent are in extreme poverty.

Rural areas present an even more negative picture since 34.8 percent of households are in poverty while 12.4 percent are in extreme poverty.

According to local media, there are visible asymmetries between the territories that have a low production rate and, therefore, high levels of unemployment, which have accumulated historically.

For his part, the president of the College of Economic Sciences, Ennio Rodríguez, warned about the consequences of the growing inflation that the economy is going through in the already complex situation of the most vulnerable sectors.

In the midst of this context, the Costa Rican president, Rodrigo Chaves, signed a decree to equate 100 percent the salary of ministers and deputy ministers with the salary of middle management officials.

The head of state based the decision on the freezing that ministerial salaries have suffered for more than four years, and said that this has caused an imbalance between their functions and the corresponding balance.

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