Three children and an adult were seriously injured in a shooting in Georgia


A man fled after causing a shooting where three children aged 7, 11 and 14 were seriously injured, as well as an adult of 41.

The Covington Police Department went to West 17th Street and Russell Street to attend to a shootout that broke out between a man and several children who were on the spot. According to reports from the authorities, the accident was caused by an argument in which minors were involved.

One individual pulled out a firearm and began shooting, then fled the scene. The police launched an alert call to request any information leading to the whereabouts of the suspect and be reported to the Covington Police Department.

The minors were taken to Cincinnati Children Hospital. to be treated by medical personnel. The parents of all the children are kept in the emergency room and where they shared details of the fatal accident.

Robert Gary is a friend of the father of one of the victims and revealed that what happened on the street is disturbing and frantic: “My friend is quite traumatized by the situation because it is his baby”Gary told FOX 19 Now news.

For Robert Gary the shooting of children did not make any sense It is something that each of the victims’ parents have asked themselves. In particular, the boy he knows, since he assures that he is very calm and is always playing with his Tablet.

One of the neighbors who witnessed the events also shared his feelings about it with the same media outlet: “It makes me sick to my stomach because I see all these children, and they are within this environment. This is not a good situation that we are in right now,” Jared Zach shared.

The witness also explained that after the shooting he is afraid of raising his children in that neighborhood, where the crime rate has grown and especially because there is no protection.

“This environment where drugs and crime are so high, it worries me a lot.. It scares me, because I am going to have to raise my son in this kind of situation, where there is no foreseeable end, “Zach exalted.

The state of health of the three minors and the adult was reserved by the authorities, as well as the identity of each of them.

The investigators are looking for the man who attacked them in order to stop him and face the crimes.

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