Thousands of fans say goodbye to the Ford Fiesta

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On Friday, July 7, a true icon of the automotive industry said goodbye. The Ford Fiesta said goodbye after 47 years of uninterrupted manufacturing and with no replacement on the horizon.

He compact of the oval mark joined a long list of cars that have fallen victim to the irrepressible advance of SUV and now also electric cars.

Added to this are other factors. In recent times, the Ford Fiesta has increased significantly in price, leaving behind its characteristics of being affordable and democratic. Ford will suffer the loss of one of its great icons, especially in the European market and also in the United States.

The latest generation of the Ford Fiesta was launched on the market in 2017, at a time when SUVs had already become highly relevant. This trend was reflected in the Active version, which featured a crossover-like design and higher ground clearance. However, not even this version managed to save the utility from its demise.

In accordance with information published by Autocar, production of the Ford Fiesta will end ahead of schedule. The official reason is the “need to free up space for the production of electric vehicle batteries”.

Radical change

The Ford Fiesta has long been manufactured at the Ford facility in Cologne, Germany, which will now become the powerhouse of the Ford Explorer Electric nation.

This factory will also be responsible for the production of batteries for other models with zero emissions.

Despite the fact that in Europe the sales of the Fiesta were overshadowed by the numbers of its brother, the Ford Puma, its disappearance will leave a difficult gap to fill. As is evident, with the end of the Ford Fiesta also comes the end of the ST version, the sportiest.

In this way, the iconic subcompact joins the Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy, which also stopped production this year. The next victim, according to the information that has emerged, will be the Ford Focus, which will leave the production line in 2025.

Like the rest of the brands, Ford is focusing all its attention on electric mobility and the goal is that, by the year 2030, all sales of the brand come from zero emission models.

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