Thousands of deaths due to occupational accidents are estimated for 2030 in Europe | News


The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) announced this Thursday that at least 30,000 deaths caused by work accidents could happen between now and 2030 if security measures are not applied.


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According to the European organization, fatalities due to disastrous incidents in the workplace increased during 2019, while in the period between 2020 and 2029 it is estimated that there will be 27,041 deaths on the continent.

The estimate, carried out on the occasion of the International Day in Memory of Deceased and Injured Workers, recorded the number of deaths that could be caused by these causes; as well as the time frame to culminate with occupational accidents in several countries in the area, including Spain.

“That is the daily reality for many workers, often because of irresponsible employers who cut back to increase their profits and politicians who attack safety regulations and common sense inspections for ideological reasons,” said the deputy secretary general of the ETUC, Claes-Mikael Stahl.

He added that this situation will continue to occur for at least another 30 years, because only if European leaders establish actions that guarantee the quality and safety of workers, will they be able to reduce the rates of deaths from occupational accidents.

ETUC statistics indicate that in the next decade, 3,191 workers will die at work in Spain; while in France, 7,803 deaths will be reported in workplaces; and in Italy, 3,434 deaths.

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