Thousands of Australians demonstrate to recognize Aboriginal people in the Constitution

Thousands of Australians demonstrate to recognize Aboriginal people in the
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With less than a month to go before the referendum on October 14, the "yes" vote seems to be losing strength in the polls.

Thousands of Australians have manifested this Sunday in cities across the country in favor of recognition of aboriginal populations in the Constitution through an advisory body, an issue that will be resolved in a referendum within a month.

The most attended marches were those of Melbournewith tens of thousands of participants, and that of Sydney, with about 30,000 protesters. Large demonstrations have also been held in cities such as Canberra, Perth and Darwinamong others, when with less than a month left for the October 14 referendum The yes vote seems to be losing strength in the polls.

In the referendum Australians will have to answer the question: "A proposed law to amend the Constitution to recognize First Nations by establishing the Voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Do you approve of this amendment?" marking the "yes" or "no" option.

Through this initiative, the aim is to create an organization made up of members elected by the indigenous communities, called "The Voice", to offer independent advice to the Executive and Parliament on matters linked to these indigenous peoples to give them greater participation in the decision making.

To achieve a change in the Constitution, the referendum, supported by the Prime Minister, Labor Anthony Albanese, needs more than 50% of the votes in the entire Australian territory and achieve a majority in at least four of the six states that make up the country.

Aboriginal people, who represent 3.8% of Australia's more than 26 million inhabitants, have been victims of constant mistreatment since colonization, in addition to being dispossessed of their lands and systematically discriminated against by institutions, organizations and society. in general.

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