Thousands demonstrate in the United States to defend the right to abortion


Protesters for abortion rights during the march on May 14, 2022 in Washington, DC

Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Thousands of people gathered in Washington DC and at hundreds of events across the country on Saturday to demonstrate in defense of the right to abortion.

Under the slogan “Bans off our bodies”, more than 430 demonstrations were calledconcentrations and activities throughout the country.

The demonstrations are a direct response to the leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion indicating that it is poised to unseat Roe. v. Wade, the 49-year-old decision that guaranteed a person’s constitutional right to an abortion.

The Senate failed to advance legislation on Wednesday, a bill that would codify the constitutional right to abortion into federal law, after all 50 Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin III (DW.Va.) opposed moving forward with the bill. law, called Women’s Health Protection Law.

The liberal groups that organized Saturday’s protests designed the events as a strong message to the country’s leaders that most Americans support the Roe vs. Wade defense. In Washington, women and men of all ages gathered on the National Mall.

“Women’s rights are under attack,” Vice President Kamala Harris said on Twitter this Saturday.

In other cities of the country

Several hundred people gathered Saturday morning to protest the restrictions imposed and defend abortion rights in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Many in the crowd said they had attended abortion rights rallies in recent months to protest a restrictive Texas law, which took effect in September, banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hundreds of abortion rights advocates lined up several blocks outside the federal courthouse, drawing continual honks of support from motorists.

Other demonstrations were held in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

One of the largest was recorded in New York, where thousands of people, mostly women, crossed the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to flow into Foley Square.

In the square of the City Hall of Los Angeles, in California, some 5,000 people gathered to shout almost in unison “My body, my decision.”

“We take to the streets because women will be in danger if we are prohibited from having legal abortions, and we will not remain silent,” said the founder of the Women’s March Foundation, Emiliana Guereca.

The Planned Parenthood organization estimates that 26 states governed by Republicans, such as Texas, Arizona, Missouri and Georgia, they would restrict the right to abortion or suppress it.

The right to abortion is already a campaign issue for many candidates for the 2022 electionsin which Democrats fear losing their majority in both houses of Congress.

most Americans, 54% consider that the Supreme Court should maintain the protection of abortion, according to a survey by The Washington Post and the ABC network.

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