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This Friday, the six Colombian prisoners who were accused of their alleged participation in the murder of the candidate for the Ecuadorian Presidency, Fernando Villavicencio, were found dead in the Litoral Penitentiary, the largest prison in Ecuador.


Hitmen murder a prosecutor in Ecuador

The National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders reported the execution of the six accused people inside the prison.

The SNAI of Libertad, the state body in charge of guarding and managing Ecuador's prisons, confirmed the identity of the bodies after the Prosecutor's Office and the Police entered the prison to remove the bodies and subsequently identify them.

The victims were identified as Jhon Gregore R., Andrés Manuel M., Adey Fernando G., Camilo Andrés R., Sules Osmin C. and José Neyder L.

The six men were allegedly the material authors of Villavicencio's murder, along with a seventh of the same nationality who was the one who shot the candidate and died moments later, apparently as a result of the shots fired by the politician's security personnel.

His death occurs a few days after the announcement by the United States Government that it would offer up to five million dollars as a reward to anyone who provides information about the intellectual author of the Villavicencio murder.

The deceased were in pavilion 7 of the Penitentiary, officially called Guayas Deprivation of Liberty Center Number 1, and located in Guayaquil, with a dozen pavilions controlled by different criminal gangs, where some 5,700 people are held.

The announcement about the death of the alleged Villavicencio hitmen had been made earlier by the citizen platform SOS Cárceles Ecuador, which classified it as murder and reported that the six defendants had allegedly requested a transfer to a safer prison.

According to reports from prison guards cited by SOS Cárceles Ecuador, the bodies of the murdered inmates "do not show signs of torture or wounds resulting from any combat."

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