This was the disturbing message on networks from Maxine Woodside’s son moments before he died

Before the death of Alejandro Iriarte, eldest son of the show host, was announced Maxine Woodsidea strange message caught the attention of his followers on all his social networks, where he said goodbye to them forever.

Alejandro thanked all the signs of affection and the friendship of many of his followerswho questioned his decision and even speculated that it was a detox, since Alejandro was a person very focused on spirituality.

“To everyone for so many years, I thank you very much for the signs of affection. For reasons of force majeure I will close all my social networks. It has been an incredible adventure, but everything has an end and today it is up to me to say goodbye. Thank you, thank you very much!”posted the photographer by profession, a few hours before his death was announced.

The post served so that his followers and friends could say goodbye to the 55-year-old businessman, who showed him their love and loyalty as a friend and even shared plans that were left unrealized and experiences that they lived together.

“We have excellent memories of you, because you have always been a great human being with great charisma and who earns the affection of those who know, your departure hurts us, only you know your reasons and they are worthy of respect, See you always Bro! ”wrote a user, after the death was announced.

It is noteworthy that some users close to the founder of Dream Factory in Grupo Formula agreed that Nano, as he was affectionately called, said goodbye in some way to his closest people.

“I have no words, you wrote to me to tell me that you loved me very much and I told you that I did too and that we had to see each other and it will no longer be, you do not know how much it hurts me, I have no words, my deepest condolences”, pointed out another user.

This message joins another that Alejandro published a few weeks ago on Instagram, where he assured that the only certainty is death and added that he felt tired and discouraged from life.

“I have said it many times, the only constant in life is change and the only certainty is death”, Fernando Iriarte’s son wrote in allusion to the growth of his two children.

It is because of these messages that rumors about a possible suicide take on greater relevance, although the family and close friends completely ruled out the issue and pointed out that it was a natural death, due to a heart condition.

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