This Nissan SUV increases its sportiness

With this limited series, the Nissan Juke Kiiro receives a sporty dose and a distinctive look.

The second generation of the Nissan Juke receives this Kiiro special edition, to offer something different to its customers who wait for this B-segment SUV.

Your name (kiiro) comes from Japanese and means yellow, a color that is present both outside and inside the vehicle.

But beyond having this hue, its body is also covered in Katana Gray and darker details on the roof, mirrors and 19-inch wheels.

That particular yellow is positioned in the lower area of ​​the nissan juke kiiro. Front bumpers and over the doors allow to highlight the bodywork.

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It also includes the name of the version on the C-pillars as well as a decoration on the mirrors and ceiling.

On board it sports a differentiating aspect with respect to the traditional versions. The panels are upholstered in leather with some carbon fiber finishes. Of course they are complemented by the yellow seams that enhance the interior.

Like any special edition, the nissan juke kiiro adds a commemorative plaque with the name of the version.

Mechanically, it hides under the hood the three-cylinder 1.0-liter DIG-T power plant with a maximum power of 114 hp. It can be associated with a six-speed manual or seven-position DCT automatic gearbox.

With 500 units available the nissan juke kiiro It will go on sale soon in the Old Continent.

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