This is what the iconic Mexico City Grand Prix 2023 trophy looks like

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The iconic Mexico GP Trophy: a Mexican work of art for the Formula 1 champions (Mexican GP)

He Mexico City Grand Prix is approaching quickly, and with it comes one of the most iconic and significant pieces of the event: the trophy which will be awarded to the first three places in the competition.

First presented in 2015, this award is a work of art that symbolizes the passion and skill of the drivers competing in Formula 1, as well as the spirit of an entire country.

The Mexican luxury house TANE MĂ©xico 1942 has been responsible for giving life to this spectacular creation since 2015. The Mexico GP trophy It is a piece that represents the spirit not only of the race, but also of Mexico as a whole, through its design and the materials used.

TANE MĂ©xico 1942: The luxury house behind the creation of the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF MEXICO CITY 2023 trophy (Mexican GP)
TANE MĂ©xico 1942: The luxury house behind the creation of the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF MEXICO CITY 2023 trophy (Mexican GP)

This emblematic trophy is made of .925 silver and mounted on a base of green quartz called aventurine. What makes it even more special is that it is completely handmade by TANE goldsmiths. The piece is symmetrical, full of freedom and movement, and shows lines that simulate the wings of the royal eagle, the protagonist of the Mexican national shield, evoking its speed and power.

For the 2023 Mexican GP, ​​TANE will deliver a total of four trophies. In addition to the first three places in the driver competition, an additional one will be awarded to the construction team that wins. In that sense, there are two measurements for this trophy: for first place (pilot and builder), it measures 60 x 15 x 11 centimeters; while for the second and third place, it measures 47 x 13 x 9 centimeters.

Detail of the Mexican GP Trophy: Silver, aventurine and the royal eagle in its maximum splendor (Mexican GP)
Detail of the Mexican GP Trophy: Silver, aventurine and the royal eagle in its maximum splendor (Mexican GP)

Federico González Compeángeneral director of the Mexican GP presented by Heineken, commented:

“TANE's designs are recognized worldwide and the one they made since the first edition under the direction of CIE has become a symbol of our Mexican Grand Prix. For us it is a pleasure to present a trophy that shows the strength and dynamism of the eagle, a bird that we find on our national coat of arms and reflects an entire country in so many ways. “It is a worthy trophy for the first three places in the race.”

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