This is what the first images of the James Webb Space Telescope look like


NASA published the first images captured by the space telescope james webb in which you can see a star that is millions of light years from Earth. The photograph has surprised scientists due to its high level of the point that they consider the results to be better than the most optimistic expectations.

This is the first official photograph captured thanks to this instrument, which it has cost approximately $10,000 million And it took several years to build.

The experts explained that this image It was possible thanks to the alignment of all the mirrors that the telescope hasa task that has taken weeks to the team in charge of operating the device and fine-tuning it so that it can be used to discover the mysteries of the universe.

However, from the space agency itself they warn that the photograph is only a test because the telescope is not yet operational and it could take several more months until it is declared active.

Lee Feinberg, the NASA engineer, called the team’s achievement in capturing the star image a phenomenal job.

“Not only do you see the star and the diffraction spikes from the star, but you also see other stars in the field that are in close focus, just as we expect, and all sorts of other interesting structures in the background,” he explained.

The scientist added that the results they have obtained thanks to the first tests of the telescope have been amazing due to the high precision and advanced nature of the device.

“In fact, we’ve done a very detailed analysis of the images we’re getting, and what we’ve found so far is that the performance is as good, if not better, than our most optimistic prediction,” he said.

A milestone for science

The James Webb Space Telescope, in addition to being the most expensive built to date It is also one of the most complex engineering works created by mankind till the date.

Its high level of precision is one of the elements that delayed its construction, a task in which scientists from all over the world participated and that took years to complete. The James Webb is expected to allow experts, discover how the first galaxies were created after the explosion of the Big Bang.

The telescope will also make it possible to explore areas of space that until now were off limits to astronomers, but which, with the launch of the device, will now be available.

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