This is what Annabelle, Chucky and his girlfriend Tiffany would look like as humans according to artificial intelligence

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In recent months it has been possible to use the artificial intelligence for a wide range of actions, from using it to help you write a rehearsal thanks to ChatGPTuntil create images from scratch which seem to be totally organic.

In this context, some people have been entertained with these tools that allow them to watch cartoons or fictional characters as if they were real and as Halloween is at the door, a user of instagram shared the result of what three of the most famous characters of this season would look like as if they were humans.

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PHOTOS: What would Annabelle, Chucky and his girlfriend Tiffany look like according to artificial intelligence?

The user of instagram @hidreley usually shares the results of these experiments with various people, such as "The Crazy Bird", "Tinker Bell" And till Rafa Gorgory of the Simpsonthe intention is to show what they would look like in real life.

On this occasion, the Internet user did the experiment but with three of the most beloved characters in horror movies: the doll chuckyhis girlfriend tiffany and the doll Annabelle and showed what they would look like according to the AI

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Annabelle looks likeor a girl with big green eyes and Painted lipsand despite the fame of his character, this version is far from terrifying, which caused laughter among Internet users.

As to tiffany, Chucky's brideappears to be an angry woman with too much makeup, which probably gives her the touch of terror that the character originally has.

Finally, chucky is the one that unleashed the most comments, since looks like a teenager although he has some evil in his eyes, because he has some small green eyes and a frown that could easily make anyone uncomfortable. Likewise, it has a little acnewhich could be understood because the character is based on a child's doll, although the person who inhabits it is a Killer man.

Some users they joked with that was not necessary with Chucky since he has his human version being based on a manaccording to the film, likewise, the result generated quite a few comments among curious Internet users.


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