This is what Angélica Rivera looked like when she debuted on television

Angelica Rivera.

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With the presumed return of Angelica Rivera to soap operas after more than a decade, public interest has resurfaced to learn more about the beginnings of his career as an actress. For this reason, we share the details of the debut of the famous.

The television debut of the former first lady dates back to 1989 on the Televisa network and with the melodrama "Dulce Desafío"production directed by Arturo Ripstein.

At that time, Angélica Rivera was only 19 years old and played the role of 'María Inés', a young woman in love who was studying at the La Casa de Piedra institute with a group of teenagers made up of other personalities from the world of entertainment.

The former director of the Citizen Advisory Council of the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) shared credits with Eduardo Yáñez and Adela Noriegawho starred in the melodrama.

Also, within the cast was made up of actors such as Chantal Andere, Beatriz Aguirre and Enrique Lizalde, who, like Angélica Rivera, they were catapulted to fame thanks to this project.

After the resounding success of the actress, she managed to be part of other telenovelas, such as: "La pícara soñadora" (1993) and "Mariana de la noche" (2003). However, his great Rivera decided to put his successful career on hold in 2007, after starring in the novel "Destilando Amor" with Eduardo Yáñez.

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