This is Wally, the emotional support alligator, who got left out of the ballpark!

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In Philadelphia, yesterday Joie Henney told local media that she was denied access to him and Wally, his pet alligator, to Citizens Bank Park stadium

The unusual couple is famous in the area and on their social networks, where Wally shares his daily life with his pet and in which videos abound in which the alligator can be seen walking on a leash as if it were a dog. .

@wallythealligator WallyGator was so happy to be back at the Swatti swimming with his favorite kids!#wallytheemotionalsupportalligator #WallyGatorESA Life Is Good - Kenny Chesney

Wally said the alligator is certified as an emotional support animal.

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Henney and Wally came to the stadium to support their favorite baseball team taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates. The man declared to local media that he and their alligator were invited to meet the players and partners before the game, but because they arrived late they had to enter like any other fan.

It was then that the members in charge of security at the site denied them access.

"We bought tickets and Wally had attended other baseball games, so we assumed he was fine," he said.

Members of security at Citizens Bank Park explained to him that the stadium does not allow access to alligatorseven when it is an emotional support reptile.

They have their rules and we must follow them. “I can’t go there and make my rules,” the man said.

TikTok star reptile

Wally is possibly the most famous alligator on social media where he is known as wally the alligator. Just On TikTok he has more than 115 thousand followers.


His popularity is mainly due to the fact that Wally is officially recognized as an emotional support animal, which helps Henney fight his depression and cancer.

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Henney has reported that the designation of “emotional support animal” was achieved in 2018.

Although they could not enter the stadium and support their team, Wally caused a stir outside, where He was caught receiving affection from several children.

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