This is the story of ‘La Herencia, a legacy of love’, TelevisaUnivision’s telenovela

TelevisaUnivision is premiering with “The Inheritance, a legacy of love“. Production by John Osorio brings together a great cast that includes michelle renaud, Elizabeth Alvarez, Matias Novoa, Ana Ciochetti, Daniel Elbittar, Mauricio Henao, Emmanuel Palomares, John Paul Gil and Leonard Daniel.

Also in the cast are Julián Gil, Paulina Matos, Rafael Inclán, Amaranta Ruíz, Sergio Basáñez, Tiaré Scanda, Juan Carlos Barreto, Verónica Jaspeado, Roberto Blandón, Gloria Aura, Christian Ramos and Diego De Erice, among others.


The five children of Catalina Arango and Don Severiano del Monte grew up on a prosperous avocado farm called “Santa Catalina”: Juan, Pedro, Mateo, Simón and Lucas.

The five Del Monte brothers were adopted, since Catalina Arango could not have children. Don Severiano, who always wanted to have male descendants, agreed to the adoption. Juan was the greatest pride of his father. Severiano saw in him the worthy successor of his legacy and he did not mind showing his preference over his brothers, especially Pedro, generating a great rivalry between them.

Simón has been the closest to his mother, resentful of Severiano for his infidelities. Mateo, the most relaxed of the brothers, has an alcohol addiction problem, which will be accentuated by an impossible love. Lucas, the youngest of the del Monte, is a young influencer who enjoys showing his followers life in the countryside, in addition, he will live an experience that will mark his life.

Our story begins when Don Severiano gathers his children at the Del Monte company to inform them that Juan will be the new president of the company. This causes conflicting reactions in the Del Monte children, especially in Pedro, Juan’s only blood brother, who expresses his disgust in a categorical way at his father’s decision.

At the same time, in Mexico City, Severiano’s only blood daughter, Sara Del Monte, struggles to make her way in a world of men. She is the daughter of Déborah Portillo, an ambitious and manipulative woman who was one of Don Severiano’s lovers. Sara has grown up outside the Del Monte family, believing that her father was never interested in her, because the only thing she has of him is her last name.

Meanwhile at the farm, happy to be the new president of the company, Juan decides to formalize his commitment to Julieta Millán, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than 10 years. Julieta hides a great secret: she had a relationship with Mateo Del Monte. For Mateo, Julieta is the love of his life, but Juan’s fiancee made him swear that she would keep the secret of what happened between them.

Surprisingly, Severiano suffers a terrible accident in which he loses his life. Simón, who was traveling with him, manages to escape unharmed, but will bear the blame for the death of his father.

On the day of the reading of Don Severiano’s will, Sara Del Monte arrives, presenting herself as Severiano’s only biological daughter, willing to keep La Herencia.

The arrival of Sara provokes the rejection of the brothers, but she will get the attention of Juan, who will not be able to avoid seeing in her all the qualities that envest her. The love between Juan and Sara is something that arises in spite of themselves, but Pedro’s greed and ambition will not make it easy for them, coupled with Julieta’s resentment, who will fall into a spiral of jealousy that will threaten the realization of love. between Sarah and John.

Everything will get more complicated, because the will has a suspensive condition clause that forces the six brothers to live together for a year in the Hacienda Santa Catalina, or else they will lose The Inheritance.

The Heritage will come to unearth the past and confront Sara with the Del Monte brothers, who will defend the land that formed them as good people, awakening in them feelings and actions that they never imagined experiencing.

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