This is the sentence for the person who threw Benito/Scooby into the pot of boiling oil

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In a case that has shocked the community and reinforced the commitment to animal protection, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) has achieved a significant victory. Sergio Morales BuendĂ­a received a sentence of 5 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison for an atrocious act of cruelty: throwing a helpless canine into a container of boiling oil.

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The incident, which took place at a butcher shop in Tecámac last May, not only resulted in a tragic end for the animal, but also highlighted the urgency for emphatic justice against animal abuse.

The sentence, which includes a fine of 38,902 pesos and 28,217 pesos to compensate for moral damage destined to the Animal Protection Fund of the State of Mexico, was issued after a careful evaluation of the evidence presented by the FGJEM. This evidence showed how Morales BuendĂ­a, in an inexplicable act of violence, attacked the owner of the butcher shop, threatening him with a sharp object, before committing the fatal attack against the canine.

Artist creates mural in tribute to 'Scooby' the little dog who burned to death in Tecámac

The authorities' swift action was prompted by public outrage, as The incident was captured on video and widely disseminated. The FGJEM, acting with the diligence required by the seriousness of the case, obtained an arrest warrant that was executed by the SSPC and CONAHO, resulting in the arrest of Morales Buendía in Coyoacán, Mexico City.

After his arrest, he was prosecuted and subsequently imprisoned in the Ecatepec Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, awaiting the decision that finally found him guilty.

The sentence was handed down after a careful evaluation of the evidence presented by the FGJEM.

This case highlights the rigor of the laws of the State of Mexico regarding the protection of animals, reflected in articles 235 Ter and 235 Quater of the state Penal Code, which provide severe penalties for those who inflict suffering on animals.

The FGJEM takes this opportunity to remind the public that animal abuse is a serious crime and encourages citizens to report any similar incidents. Reports can be made by calling 800 7028770, email, or through the FGJEdomex application, thus ensuring that justice prevails in the defense of voiceless beings.

The case of the little dog Benito, who was actually called "Scooby", shocked and caused outrage on social networks.

The lomito had a family waiting for him at home. Through a video broadcast on social networks, a minor named Roberto, who would be its owner, spoke about what happened. In the recording, the minor is questioned about what he did after realizing what happened to his pet, to which he mentions that he could not do anything.

Later, they ask him what he thinks about the actions the man did with his pet, to which he answered; "he is crazy."

Finally justice came for Benito. Just over five years in prison.

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