This is the incredible mansion in Mallorca where Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas exude love

The couple formed by Luis Miguel and dove caves It continues to give a lot to talk about, as new details of the very beautiful mansion they own in Mallorca, Spain, and in which they give free rein to their love, are revealed.

In recent days, a video was leaked that shows the façade, the exteriors, as well as the spectacular views that are available from the property and that are a real delight.

According to the technical sheet, published by various sites specialized in the sale of real estate, their home has several rooms and amenities to delight them and their guests.

On the ground floor there is a hall, two kitchens, a dining room, a living room with television, a main room, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a dressing room, a terrace and access to the garden area.

On the upper floor is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, dressing room and terrace, an office, a dining room with a terrace, two more bedrooms with their respective bathrooms, dressing room and terrace.

The house is completed with four more bedrooms, accommodation for employees or guests with a living room, kitchen, heated pool, spa with sauna, Turkish bath, gym, chill out area, bar, garage for seven vehicles, among other rooms.

Although inside they have absolutely everything, outside it also has a terrace, with extensive green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, with enviable views, among other amenities.

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