This is the business of transferring migrants; They point out routes at excessive costs

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Migration in Mexico is big business for criminal organizations, merchants and public transportation concessionaires or citizens who have a motorcycle who see a gold mine in every foreign person.

The arrival of thousands of people in a mobility context who cross the southern border of Chiapas daily, plus those who have already established themselves in Tapachula in recent months, cause an increase in the use of public transportation, which benefits a few. .

Increases that no State Government authority authorizes and supervises, increases that apply only to the hundreds of foreigners seeking to move to the Migrant Mobility Centerestablished in Juchitán, Oaxaca.

A team of Image Groupwitnessed the exorbitant cost of transporting migrants on Federal Highway 200, where public transportation is enriched daily with migration.

For Vanesa Rodríguez, a migrant from Venezuela, the overhead cost for the nine members of her family is an excessive expense for the little economy they have at the moment.

It is no secret to anyone that a 15 kilometer journey to connect one municipality to another costs 30 pesos for the Tapachultecs; For migrants, it can range between 150 to 300 pesos for the same route.

At the end of this tour, passengers are dropped off at certain points on Federal Highway 200, where other vehicles or motorcycles await them for a similar tour.

According to Dinna Rivera, a Venezuelan migrant, one of the most expensive trips she has paid in her life is the transfer from Tapachula to Juchitán, Oaxaca.

From Tapachula I had to pay 3 thousand pesos to get there, because we caught a car that charged 150, but it moved us 10 minutes ahead and we told him, sir, let's go through the checkpoint, you can wait for us; No, no, no because that is another business with other people that only they manage, each one has a business of 200 pesos, when not the same natives from here in Mexico, they tell us why they pay so much, if we only pay 30 pesos 25 pesos, but since we are emigrants, what can we do?

The profits of public transportation concessionaires depend on the capacity of their unit, most are for 18 people who for each trip earn 36 thousand pesos per day, without investing much in their unit.

Public transportation that passes through the 16 inspection centers of the National Guard and National Immigration Institute that are located along Federal Highway 200 that connects Tapachula with Juchitán Oaxaca, without being inspected.


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