This is the beautiful New York penthouse where Chiquibaby spent Father's Day

The Mexican presenter Stephanie Himonidisbetter known as 'Chiqui Baby' and who recently joined the ranks of Univision, took advantage of the celebration of Father's day to consent to her husband, Gerardo Lopezand stayed at a luxurious hotel in New York City.

The former host of 'Today' turned to her Instagram account and there she shared a house tour of the place that hosted them and which is located very close to Central Park.

"Happy place", reads the text with which he accompanied his video, but with those two words he said absolutely everything.

His virtual walk, which was accompanied by the Happy Place song 'Oh, Hush,' began in the kitchen and dining area.

He then took a look at the room and the beautiful views that were available from the place, and it was striking how close they stayed to Central Park, one of the most emblematic places in the Big Apple.

The room called attention for its very interesting collection of plants, which gave a lot of life to that space, which surely was one of the favorites of her, her husband and the little girl. Capri Blue.

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