This is how you can protect your pets during a hurricane

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The passage of hurricane “Otis” category 5 in Acapulco, Guerrero left destruction in its wake, and until now At least 27 deaths are reported, in addition to countless material losses, floods and landslides.

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In the midst of the devastation that thousands of people are experiencing in the paradisiacal port, a question has arisen, that of how to protect pets during a weather event of this magnitude that practically took everything in its path.

And the thing is, if human beings feel very afraid when facing a situation like the one that occurred in Acapulco, Animals can express anxiety and sadness when they find themselves in a dangerous situation.that is why specialists have listed a series of recommendations to take the best possible care of pets during a hurricane.

Tips for caring for your pets during a hurricane

I agree with you United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Keeping pets sheltered and calm is the best way to protect them, although it also makes other recommendations.

It may interest you:

  • Keep animals inside during the storm. Avoid leaving them on rooftops, not on patios or terraces
  • Prepare a pet disaster kit.
  • Assign your pet a safe place in the house so he feels protected.
  • If you have to go to a shelter, investigate those that allow access to your pet
  • Find a veterinarian or animal hospital in the nearest area
  • During a storm or hurricane, keep your pet away from glass and windows
  • include food and water for your pet in the supplies
  • Do not hug your pet if it gets hurt, it could scare it or cause pain
  • Avoid leaving home during a storm

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Keep in mind that in the event of an evacuation you must carry your pet's leash at all times, as well as its collar and tag, which must always be worn, as they can become disoriented or lost after witnessing a natural disaster.

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