This is how they rescued a parrot trapped under the rubble in Turkey | Video

The Rescue groups continue to work to save as many lives as possible in Turkey and Syriacountries hit by the earthquakes of the past days that so far have left more than 23 thousand dead.

The Turkish Red Crescent managed to rescue a parrot from the rubble of a collapsed building in the city of Malatya.

The parrot seemed to have a broken wing so they placed him in a cardboard box and took him away to check him and treat his injuries.

The health authorities of Turkey They reported this Friday that only in their country have they died 20 thousand 213 people due to the earthquakes registered on Monday on the southern border with Syriawhere fatalities amount to 3 thousand 424being the total already of 23 thousand 637.

Dog waits for her guardian trapped for days under the rubble in Turkey | Video

wounded and weak, a dog has been days expecting outside a collapsed building waiting to see his tutor come out alive from the rubble.

Mustafa Sonmez, a resident of the city of Hatay, which was struck by the tremor registered in recent days, said that they tried to take the I went to another place but she kept coming back.

Sonmez added that the dog managed to pull herself out of the rubble and decided to wait outside the building for the last few days.

Volunteers they healed the wounds of the dog and even put a mattress on it so that I could sleep in it.

This was the emotional rescue of a tenderloin from the rubble in Turkey | Video

This Wednesday, it was rescued a puppy from the rubble in the city of Hatay, located in Iskenderun, Turkey.

The video shows the moment in which the rescue teams find the dog poking its head while his body is trapped in the ruins.

Little by little, the people moved aside the pieces of cement to free the way for the puppy could come out

In the recording it can also be seen that one of the rescuers offers him water with his own hands, in addition to trying to reassure him, as he shows desperate for not being able to move.

After several minutes of work, the brave loin is released while being hugged by one of his rescuers.